The Brief

Kaboo ‘Missions’

Mobile UX Brief

A Mission is both an online and a real life quest where users can get free spins etc for the Casino. All with different difficulties and different “earning lenses amount” tied to them.

All missions must be accomplished before the next round of missions can be unlocked for everyone within the Casino. So people must help each other in checking off missions… all for the greater good of the community. Missions are easily shared on FB and Twitter etc to get non-players to help out.

All missions are to be documented (text, check-in, GPS needle, photo or footage etc) and uploaded. Then you acquire a specific amount of our secondary currency (lenses) to your account.

A Mission can be checked off several times by different users, contributing in saturating our environment with content.

Missions can be for example:

• Share Kaboo on Facebook. (5 lenses)
• Pay lunch for the person behind you in the McDonald’s waiting line (20 lenses)
• Pick up 10 pieces of litter from the streets today
• Give an anonymous note to a stranger with the text “I like you. You seem great!”
• Eat only fruit today.
• Invite a stranger to the cinema together with you.
• Take a selfie with a stranger and hash-tag #chapter1

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